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WebGrab+Plus is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.

Upgrade release
/ 51

- added    : url header 'accept'
- bug fixed: some conditional arguments were disabled by the automatic addition of the scope
- bug fixed: datenumber urldate was not properly calculated (timezone problem)
- changed  : support for half hour timezone
- changed  : forward looking dst mode is now default. To switch back to old style mode=f
- bug fixed: in setting the scope.range when the first ( char occurs without a | char. (As in cleanup tags)
- bug fixed: in GetInsertMode when only one channel and a show needs to be inserted before the none existing second channel
- added (experimental) : Regex Operations and Regex scrub

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Upgrade release
/ 50

- improved : robots exclusion handling.
- added    : site {allowlastdayoverflow} allows the last day to overflow into the next morning.
- bug fixed: in setting the scope.range when the first ( char occurs after the | char.  
- bug fixed: cookie expires value calculation crashes when expires value > max datetime value (9999 31/12 23.59.59)
- added    : bitwise calculations 'and' 'or' 'xor' and 'not'
- bug fixed: In MDB postprocess runtime error if no ldb path is specified
- added    : in urldate format datenumber, the offset can now be specified in decimal hours 5.5 or timespan 5:30
- bug fixed: in titlematch that forced an unnecessary update if the title ends with a number
- bug fixed: error in postdata extraction if no subpagelist is listed in the siteini
- MDB & REX: xmltv elements videoaspect, videoquality, presenter, writer, producer, composer and commentator added as elements that can be removed from the xmltv file
- MDB & REX: added xmltv elements videoaspect and videoquality as source element
- bug fixed: endless loop in scrub.result()
- bug fixed: that was introduced in /49...

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SiteIni.Pack release

This is the latest version of the SiteIni.Pack.

Check the EPG channel page for more details

(To find out quickly what is new:  Use the button 'Sort by date' )

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Upgrade release
/ 49

- added: postdata accepts 'subpage' as value to expand. This enables subpages defined by postdata.
- added: subpage list accepts 'index_variable_element' as value to expand
- added: new feature sort, enables to sort multi value elements for a part of its value
- bug fixed: credits and channel elements in xmltv follow the xmltv standard
- bug fixed: forward looking dst switch didn't work properly for the 'spring' switch.
- added: new option in operations with indices, operators: start (optional)length/(optional)repeat
          works for commands substring, remove and replace.
- url subpage list builder with variable, e.g.
          subpage.format {list(step=21600 count=3)|'index_variable_element'}
- bug fixed in calculate: syntax like : element.modify {calculate(format=date,unix)}

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Upgrade release
/ 48

- Updated Postprocessor MDB and REX constructor.
       Postprocessers will no longer require the presence of the MDB and REX folders if not set to run
       Included controlled errorhandling in case of missing mdb and rex folder and config files.
- Improved : xpath selection strings that handles char ' correctly
- Improved : xpath selection string with better efficiency
- Bug fixed : in subpage handling introduced in build 46

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SiteIni.Pack release

New: by Simon Nadger, uses google as primary search
Rev: rev 4 by Francis
New: variant of by Spitfires
New: Ukraine by Francis
New: Germany by Francis

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