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  • Runs in Windows, Linux and OS X.
  • Can grab from multiple sites, programmable by user trough a siteini file.
  • As of Februari 2018 siteini files available for 520 TV-guide sites worldwide.(see the supported sites)
  • Very fast through incremental grabbing (only changed and new shows grabbed)
  • Ability to import epg data from (other source) xmltv files and merge that with that of the grabbed data.
  • Programmable through editing commands that enable changing, filtering, adding, moving, removing (parts) and calculating of the xmltv elements.
  • Support of combi-channels, channels that show programs from different source channels at specific periods of the day.
  • Support of time-offset channels, channels that only differ from another one through a timeshift.
  • Ability to grab from a very wide range of epg structures of the supported html pages. E.g. single-day, multi-day, multi-page single-day, channel-fragmented single-day and many other variants.
  • Supports grabbing from compressed feeds (gzip and deflate) through build-in decompression.
  • Can extract xmltv elements from a very wide range of webpage data formats like html, ftp, xml, xmltv, mxf, csv and others.
  • Very flexible url-builder (that builds the url of the index-page) with support for day-number, weekday-name, weekday-number, date-string, date-number, date-lists and sub-pages.
  • Support for Http WebRequest methods GET and POST, plus header specifications.
  • Support for Ftp WebRequest, including access credentials username and password.
  • Support of grabbing of nearly all (25) xmltv elements.
  • Support of grabbing in all languages (that can be represented in a standard character set), including the non alphabetic like Chinese, Russian, Greek, Japanese etc.
  • Can grab from 1, 2 or 3 web pages (index - , detail - and subdetail page)
  • Automatic DST (daylight saving time) adaptions.
  • Fair use of site resources through user programmable delays between subsequent channels, index pages and detail pages.
  • Programmable retry and time-out settings for bad or slow internet connections.
  • Conforms to the ROBOTS exclusion standard through a screen warning.
  • Optional MDB postprocessor that automatically grabs additional IMDb data.
  • Optional REX postprocessor that allows re-allocation and merging of xmltv elements

Brought to you by Jan van Straaten

Program Development - Jan van Straaten ------- Web design - Francis De Paemeleere
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