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ConfigMaker tool for multiple configurations

Like many others I want to have EPG on my satellite receiver and WebGrab++ seemed like great tool.
Since I'm also lazy I don't want to do all the hard work of channel mapping, editing configurations, etc.. over and over again.
Modifying/maintaining one "grab" configuration is not that much of a deal, but problems rise when you have multiple configurations to run. Constantly copy/pasting site keys, updating inis & xmls, checking paths. Unacceptable.
What I also learned was that many others have same problems.


WebGrab+Plus is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.

Programm release

The config file (WebGrab++.config.xml) of Version V1.0.1 has an updated text content to reflect the new channel-list attributes -period-, -exclude- and -include- . To old version of it remains compatible, so if you wish you can use your old config file. I recomment however to use the new one (you can copy/past your channel-list in to it)

Added are two guidelines: Combi-Channels-Guide.txt and Merging-xmltv-files.txt. They cover the how-to of combi channels and Merging existing xmltv files into the WG++ results.

SiteIni files:
added : '' for a Belgium tvguide site.
added : 'empty.ini' can be used when merging existing xmltv files with WG++ results.
small change : , the site changed it url for indexpages. The old version still works ok due to redirection.

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