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Small change of License setting

As of last week, a small change is in effect for expired donator licenses. It is no longer supported to decrypt V3 mode encrypted siteini's with such an expired donator license. All the other settings remain the same, e.g. 50 channels and 10 siteini's

Beta 3.0.3 - custom license

Dear users,

Another beta 3.0.3 … and the addition of ‘custom’ licenses ..

The introduction of a license for the use of the program with release 3.0 has been well accepted by the community. Most users seem to agree with the objectives of it ... to give donating users and registered users some advantages.

But, as was to be expected, not every user is happy with the limitations of the various license types. And, also, it became clear that there roughly two types of users:

Remarks related to V3.0.2 beta

Dear users,

If your license remains 'classic' despite upgraded to V3.0.2 beta, you have two options :
1. Be patient, as soon as your license will be updated (normally once a week) it will be set to the license you are entitled to.
2. If you don't want to wait, run the program one time in license update 'force' mode .
You do that by adding 'f' or 'force' to the license element in the config file :

<license wg-username="username" registered-email="forum email-address" password="password">f</license>

License Password now on your user profile page!

The request for a License Password is no longer necessary. Every user that is logged in on the website can see and copy it from his user profile page.

On it its marked as ‘License pass code’.

There are several ways to open this user profile page :

- click on ‘my account’ at the bottom of each web page
- go to’username’
- click on your own user pictogram that shows left of any forum post you made

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