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Remarks related to V3.0.2 beta

Dear users,

If your license remains 'classic' despite upgraded to V3.0.2 beta, you have two options :
1. Be patient, as soon as your license will be updated (normally once a week) it will be set to the license you are entitled to.
2. If you don't want to wait, run the program one time in license update 'force' mode .
You do that by adding 'f' or 'force' to the license element in the config file :

<license wg-username="username" registered-email="forum email-address" password="password">f</license>

Also, when you still use a previous version of the program and experience license hardware (hw_id) mismatches or other hardware related license issues, upgrade to V3.0.2. To speedup fixing this use the license force mode as explained above. Remember to upgrade to V3.0.2 on both computers if you run WG++ on two computers!

!!! Don't forget to remove the 'force' mode after all of this! (This mode performs unnecessary license updates which will slow down grabbing)

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