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Beta 3.0.3 - custom license

Dear users,

Another beta 3.0.3 … and the addition of ‘custom’ licenses ..

The introduction of a license for the use of the program with release 3.0 has been well accepted by the community. Most users seem to agree with the objectives of it ... to give donating users and registered users some advantages.

But, as was to be expected, not every user is happy with the limitations of the various license types. And, also, it became clear that there roughly two types of users:

* The ‘private’ user who just want epg for his own or family needs in a PVR or IPTV application.
and ..
* The ‘power’ user who , for whatever purpose, needs epg for high numbers of channels and siteini’s and more than two computers to run the program.

To address these shortcomings, we introduce ‘custom’ license. This allows any user to get what he needs.

At the same time, the values of the standard licenses will be tuned to address the needs of the ‘private’ users mainly.

For some current users, this ‘tuning’ may suddenly limit epg grabbing. To avoid this problem, all users with an active ‘donator_license’ will get a ‘custom’ license with the same settings as before.

There is no need to do anything to activate a custom license, it will be installed automatically at the next time you license will update (normally once a week).

New users that need more than the new settings of the standard license offer, must request a custom license by mail of a forum post.

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