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Some sites require cookies to work. WG++ supports this. But you have to deliver the cookie file yourself.

Cookie filename

First you need to know what the cookie filename should be. This can be found in the siteini you use. Look into the .ini file and find the line with:

site {loadcookie=cookie_file.txt}

Here the cookie file has the name cookie_file.txt.

Cookie generate

Now you have to generate the cookie file. This can be done by just visiting the site you want to grab.

Some steps you may/must sometimes do to get all the correct info into your cookie file:

  • login to your account (for some sites you have to login to get EPG data)
  • go to the tv-guide page
  • select your language
  • select the channels you want to see

Look for any extra info about the cookie generation in a file that has the same base name as your siteini file.

eg. for


Cookie export

Now your browser has all the info stored in a cookie file. This info we need to save into a cookie file that will be used by WG++.

This is different for every browser.

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