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WebGrab+Plus internals

The image above gives a simplified overview of the working of WebGrab+Plus.

WG++ will use the config.xml file to determine what and how will be grabbed from the internet.
Because every site has a different layout, there are several site definition files (site.ini) files. Each of them contain information about how WG++ can grab info from a specific site. These files are already made for you and can be found in the SiteIni Pack (separate download).

WG++ shall grab all the info that is configured for and will output it into an XMLTV file format.
It is this file you need to feed to your own EPG software.

A full release of the program is made every couple of months. But small changes to the core application are released in between, as upgrades.So to install the program first install the base version of the program and after that apply the latest upgrade. All these steps are explained in the installation documentation

Once you have installed the program (and latest upgrade!) you only need to configure the WebGrab++.config.xml file (for Windows, found in C:\ProgramData\ServerCare\WebGrab). In this file you configure global grabbing settings (default values are mostly sufficient) and add you channels to grab.
Adding channels is simply done by adding lines in the WebGrab++.config.xml starting with "<channel" and ending with "</channel>". Each line will represent one channel to grab. But how should such a line look like?
Therefor a SiteIni.Pack release is made. This pack contains example lines you can use. Just download the pack, uncompress it and look for your site (cataloged by country). You will see that there are 2 type of files for (almost) every site. A .ini file and a .channels.xml file. The .channels.xml file contains all the example channels entries we are looking for. Just copy the required lines into the WebGrab++.config.xml file. The accompanying .ini file you should copy in the same directory as the WebGrab++.config.xml. More indepth info about this file, can be found in WebGrab++.config.xml

Thats all there is to it. Just run the program and if all goes well, your guide.xml file will be generated.

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