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Could somebody grab from:
I cannot make it to work.  Also selecting channels is a problem.

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Is the support helpful?
support us

I've added a first attempt to support (can be found at the EPG channels page)
The site need cookies. Yeah, who doesn't like cookies?
It's working for the default channels. The default channels are the channels you got when you visit the site for the first time. So without adding additional channels to the overview.

I tried to get more channels, but did not succeed yet. Maybe you can get this working?
Maybe if you login, add or remove channels and save that cookie file, the index page you get, could contain the preferred channels.
I don't have a login, so can't test that. Maybe you do?
I've added 2 .channels.xml files. The normal one are the 20 default channels. The other one are all the channels of So once you get the previous issue working, you can use that .channels.xml file.
Be aware that the moment you got more (or less) channels to be working for ziggo, you definitely need to change the line:

index_showsplit.modify {substring(type=element)|'index_showsplit' 'index_temp_4' 1/20}    * select the multiple rows from all the subpages (3 pages/day)

The 20 is the number of shows that are seen on 1 index subpage. (So default there are 20 channels)
Only the title and start are grabbed.
If you need more info, or you can't get the additional channels to work, let me know.

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Thanks.  I had a look and this is a bit too complicated for me. 
Although this is the part I had problems with.  So this first attempt can serve as a starting point for me to get more details grabbed.
However the channels on the first page are not the ones I am interested in.  They can be found all over the place.  So I have to make work of the cookie file to grab more channels.  If I do not succeed here, I have a problem.

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