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xmltv-merge losing tag and convenient details

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xmltv-merge losing tag and convenient details

Hello all!

I'm using the xmltv-merge.ini to edit my xml file and found that I'm losing details from a few elements like losing the role within the actor element:
<code><actor role="Nicholas">Paul Bettany</actor></code> -> <code><actor>Paul Bettany</actor></code>

I also am having trouble keeping elements like 'language' and 'audio'. I've tried using temp_1 and index_temp_1 as my element name and scrubbing with that but it doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas what I might be missing?

I'm really close with including the role for the actor element with this line:
<code>index_actor.scrub {regex||<actor(?:.*?)</actor>||}</code>

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