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Update V3.0.2 Beta

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Update V3.0.2 Beta

Questions from a recent new user....

Updated to 3.0.2 and received this message:
[ Info ] found: /root/.wg++/siteini.pack/UK/ -- Revision 18
[ Info ] encrypted with userkey and expiry date in 'new (V3)' mode
[Warning ] Unable to decrypt!!
[Error ] Missing Decryption userkey for!!
[Error ] Add Decryption userkey in config : keyvalue
[Error ] cannot be used for grabbing
[Error ] A request for the correct userkey can be posted on

Ask to get correct userkey!

Also runs as a registered user but now only has access to 30 channels and 3 siteinis, How to access all I need?

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keys and other features are available to donators.

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