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TimeZone problems

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TimeZone problems

Hi friends, I live in Florida,US, I'm triying to synchronize the EPG list, I have a differences of 1 hour when in Mexico City is 3:00pm here is 4:00pm, right now my PVRSimple Client show the guide line on my current time, and the list are delayed on 1 hour, I can't find a way to fix this, Some people have recommended me, change the timezone on my Amazon Fire Tv, but This are not a solution for me. please help me 

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Well, I think I can.

But could you generate an EPG list and upload it to here (maybe also the other stuff rules & guidelines).

And could you point out one show, and give me the times the show is actualy in.

Probably, its the PVRSimple client, that doesn't handle the times correcly and only shows the time in local format. (If you would be in Mexico city, would the times be correct?)

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