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Specific Channels with different update time span

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Specific Channels with different update time span

Hi all,

Was wondering if it is possible to have a channel update time span different from the global <timespam> in the config.xml file.

This is because this specific channel when updating for more than 1 day it grabs "previous days" after the day of the grab (today) and not the "following days" of the date of the grab !!

ie: if I grab on Sunday (today), it grabs Sunday (today) and then "Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat" that were BEFORE this current Sunday (today). So i end up with today's shedule correct and the rest of days are from the past week.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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the easiest way is to set maxdays=1 in the siteini with the problem you describe. Its one of the values in the line directly under the header section that starts with 'site'. That limits the days grabbed only for that site independant from the timespan setting in the config file.
Which siteini is it ?


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Thanks Jan for your reply. Your solution is what I was going to do. Guess I am getting better :)

It is a site I am buidling an ini file for ( It's a pretty messed up site specially for someone like me.

I actually put an ini request for it on the forum as I think it's above my capabilities to do it on my own.

It has very weird issue also: if you look at the schedule of a given day on their website, you find many shows having the same start time. But when inspecting more you'd find that some have a zero time span (it shows when you grab), which makes the other conflicting show the right one to grab. This I don't know how to do yet (remove shows with zero time span using the ini file). Doing it from the config.xml like <skip>5,1<skip> might be the only thing I can do now although not the best but it would be better to have it the ini file.

After following their daily schedules for some times, I assume that when they update their schedules, they don't remove the old shows, but insted just give it a zero duration (stupid way of doing things).

Would you be kind enough to help me out on this ? the link to the channel with the issue is : (today Tuesday is the 3rd one from the top of the drop down list, it's in arabic).

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

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