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Sky Brazil site changed, ini broken.

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Sky Brazil site changed, ini broken.

Hello, sky's website recently updated its programming guide, and the files stopped working, could you update them to work with the new version? 

Thank you.

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use from the international section.

its can be difficult to figure out how to create a specific channels.xml so i'll give you some help.

1. goto the website and select the country you want(brazil in this case).if the country option doesnt appear as soon as you visit the site and you get the epg grid instead click on the 3 vertical lines in the upper left,then settings,then country and select your country.

2. go back into setting and instead of selecting country,select system/ a zip code box will appear,enter a brazil zip one or if you want a specific region use a zip code for that.this may make a difference if your looking for specific local channels.example the federal district zip code starts with 53,so enter 53 and wait until a list of zip codes appear(this may take 5-10 seconds) and select one.take not of the zip code you use,you will need it select the provider you want(sky in your case).this will take you back to the epg grid and display the can go back to settings and try differnect zip codes,ect if you wish.

3. open the yo.tv_countries.xml and select the country line you want,again brazil in this case..

    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,ZIPCODE:" xmltv_id="Brazil">Brazil</channel>

next add the zip code you wrote down from step 2.i'll use  53080550 zip code as a example..

    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,ZIPCODE:53080550" xmltv_id="Brazil">Brazil</channel>

4. copy this line with the zip code added to your webgrab++.config.xml

open your ini file and scroll to the bottom,your will see the channels creation sections,there are 4 in this ini..

**      #####  COUNTRY FILE CREATION (only to create the xxx_country.xml file)

**      #####  PROVIDER FILE CREATION (only to create the xxx_provider.xml file)

**      #####  CHANNELPROVIDER FILE CREATION (only to create the xxx-channel.xml file)

**      #####  CHANNEL FILE CREATION (only to create the xxx-channel.xml file)

the one were going to use is...

**      #####  PROVIDER FILE CREATION (only to create the xxx_provider.xml file)

so remove all the * from the beginning ofall  the lines in this section only between..

** @auto_xml_channelprovider_start


** @auto_xml_channelprovider_end

5. run webgrab and open your channels.xml file and your should see a list of providers for brazil and the zip code you used above.

it should look something like this..

<channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,PROVIDER_ID:331110" xmltv_id="Claro TV">Claro TV</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,PROVIDER_ID:327251" xmltv_id="ISDB-T">ISDB-T</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,PROVIDER_ID:331040" xmltv_id="NET">NET</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,PROVIDER_ID:330933" xmltv_id="Oi TV (Amazonas)">Oi TV (Amazonas)</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,PROVIDER_ID:332805" xmltv_id="Oi TV (SES-6)">Oi TV (SES-6)</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,PROVIDER_ID:327168" xmltv_id="Sky">Sky</channel>
    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,PROVIDER_ID:331158" xmltv_id="VivoTV (GVT)">VivoTV (GVT)</channel>

6. disable all the lines you enabled above by placing a * at the beginning of the line again in step 4 above.

from the list select the provide you want,sky in your case...

    <channel update="i" site="" site_id="COUNTRY:brasil,PROVIDER_ID:327168" xmltv_id="Sky">Sky</channel>

copy it to your webgrab++config.xml and replace the line you entered above.

7.enable the next section under the one we used above by again removing the * from the beginning of the lines...

**      #####  CHANNELPROVIDER FILE CREATION (only to create the xxx-channel.xml file)

remove all * from beginning of lines between..

** @auto_xml_channelprovider_start


** @auto_xml_channelprovider_end

8. run webgrab your channels.xml and you should have a list of all the channels for..

country - brazil

zip code - one you used above

provider - one you selected above,sky brazil in this case.

add the * to the beginning of the lines you disabled above.

congratulations your just made a channels.xml


in each step above the results are written to the file.

so the provider file you created is overwritten whne you create a channels.xml for that provider.

what i do is rename the file after each step.

so in the above example i would have renamed them to something like this..



this same process works exactly the same for all the other countries has listings for.

here's my resulting channels.xml


i had a closer look at the site itself and yes the epg page has changed.i tried to fix it but i get no page data when i try scrubbing it with webgrab directly.this means webgrab is'nt talking to the site.this happens for varoius reasons on some sites.i did get is working using a php script as a go between webgrab and the site.(the script gets the page data and hands it back to webgrab).i will not offer any help on doing this as its not supported.if your tech savy and know how to setup a server,install php and php curl to host the php script i will post the files.there is some information on the site here if you want to search for it but there will not be any howto's or discussions.i help 1 person once and it turned into a 10 page plus thread before he got it working and i wont be doing that again.i will post the files if someone asks for them.

Besides the new site has minimal details.title,subtitle,description,season/episode and if your lucky has much better information.


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Thank you Blackbear199. :)

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