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Site .ini Request - Not EPG

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Site .ini Request - Not EPG

I've been using WebGrab+Plus for some time now and I still use it to scrape my TV Guide, however, I'm currently developing a personal website for runners, which will list all the running events an going in a specific area.

I'm needing to scrape information from 2 websites and have them in XML to allow me to have them auto imported into MYSQL, I'm wondering if WebGrab+Plus will be able to help me with this if i have the .ini file setup correctly.


I understand the default XML format is shown below.


<programme start="20171115070000 +0000" stop="20171115072500 +0000" channel="ITV3 +1">
    <title lang="en">On the Buses</title>
    <desc lang="en">Sitcom about a two-man bus crew. Stan spends a week's wages on a girlfriend, only to discover that Olive and Mum have spent 50 pounds themselves</desc>
    <category lang="en">Entertainment</category>
    <category lang="en">Comedy</category>
    <icon src="" />
    <episode-num system="onscreen">S7E3</episode-num>


Is this easily changed, can i set custom nodes? An example would be like below; (If custom nodes cannot be created, i could make do with existing nodes)

Monthly Listing:
Individual Race Listing:


<programme start="20171202100000 +0000" stop="20171202100000 +0000" channel="?????">

<title lang="en">Alder Hey Halewood 5K December</title>
 <date lang="en">Saturday 2nd December 2017</date>
 <time lang="en">10:00am</time>
 <desc lang="en">This free to enter 5k takes place on the first Saturday of each month and has been going since 2012. It takes place over a super fast all tarmac course and, its totally flat out and back course with long straight stretches. attracts runners who are PB chasing and also new runners wanting to try out the distance for the first time.

 It offers toilets, secure baggage storage, parking, water at the finish, indoor registration and a comprehensive same day on line results service . It continues to receive praise for its organisation and friendliness. No advanced entry required. Just turn up, register and race.</desc>
 <location lang="en">The Environment Centre, Okell Drive, Halewood</location>
 <distance lang="en">5k</distance>
 <organiser lang="en">Derek Hughes</organiser>
 <telephone lang="en">0151 220 4989</telephone>


If this can be tailored in anyway i would be gratefull for any help, if their is a cost for this please let me know as i'm also willing to pay for the help on this.




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