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Scrub series episode number from

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Scrub series episode number from


Running webgrab 2.1.5, using ini file.

I have the movie year removed from the description and added to the end of the movie title successfully, so i can get category/image from mdb for movies.
What I am trying to do now, is scrub the series/episode numbers from the description and have them appear in the guide file, so I have the line episode-num system="onscreen"S2E11/episode-num (had to edit this as it wouldn't appear properly in the post, but you know what it should look like). I don't want the series/episode number to be added to the end of the show title.

I have at the beginning of the ini file: episodesystem=onscreen, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the series/episode numbers to appear in the episode-num system.
The series/episode numbers are also in different formats: 1\/20 or S15 Ep168 or (Ep1\/4) or (S6 Ep4) or (S2, ep 2)

Many thanks for any help

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