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New member questions

Hi, just found this great forum...I use kodi on android platform. I have channels from SingtelTV, I have looked and can only find the xml and ini for starhub in Singapore, but looking at these channels they seem to have the same as Singtel

Is there anyway to use these on kodi or any similar android app, the channels are via a m3u list



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Blackbear199 wrote:


use pvr simple client.with it you can load you m3u list.

the when you setup webgrab you can either...

1 - edit your m3u file and change the channel name to match the channel name in webgrabconfig.xml

2 - change name in webgrabcinfig.xml to match channel name in you m3u file.

<channel update="i" site="" site_id="126" xmltv_id="STAR Plus">STAR Plus</channel>

>Star Plus< would be the name you change,you leave the xmltv_id as is.

then under epg you select the patth to the file webgrab creates.use the time offset slider to adjust for you time offset.its best to highlight it with you mouse and use the left and right arrow keys to move it(it will move in 1/2 hr increaments if i remember right).if you try to set it with your mouse u will never get it spot the default settings to reset it.



Thanks for that info, i think it will be easier to edit the names in the m3u list to match the webgrab xml


will try this later tonight when home



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Is there a way to update the offset of the channels in the webgrabconfig.xml instead of having to to it in the channel itself, for example:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-shift=-7 tvg-id="TLC" tvg-logo="TLCLASD.png",TLC

I'm grabbing data from a channel from Spain. I'm based in Mexico, hence, I need to set the time offset to -7, BUT, I do lose those seven hours of the guide..

Has anyone else come up with this before, and how did you resolve this issue ?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mariano,

in fact you don't have to do anything if you have your computer set to the right local (Mexico) timezone and daylight saving time settings as you would have it normally. WG++ converts all the times to your local time automatically.
If you really want to correct some times yourself  .. you can use

But as said, you dont need it.
Question : which spanish site are you using?



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