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Need Start and stop times

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Need Start and stop times

Cheers all,

As you know the site doesn't grab start and stop times so all shows have zero time span.

In the customization.txt file downloaded with the files for the site, it says that it can grab it from the showdetail pages with WG++ versions later than 1.1.1/55.10, I use ver 5527 but still no shows have life span.

This is causing me some problems becasue of other sites I'm using that have errors in their schedules with shows with zero life span and I have to use the <skip> function in the config.xml file to skip them. When applied, all shows from are also skipped as they don't have a life span either.

Applying  <skip>5,1<skip> function and reading the log file, it says shows skipped because they are shorter than 1 minute.

Is there any solution around this ?

I hope Jan reads this message and helps out as usual :)

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