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Messy xmltv grabbing from the source

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Messy xmltv grabbing from the source


Using Webgrab+Plus version 1.1.1 / 55 (V1.56.6)

Please look at the attached screen shot containing a part of a Webgrab+Plus grabbed xmltv file – My noob opinion would say that no xmltv importer stand any chance finding out what Webgrab+Plus is trying to tell here. It will be highly appreciated if someone in here can explain me the meaning of the underlined in red time stamps (in the screen shot) – How can the following be grabbed in the same xmltv file, for the same channel?!

start=”20151217231000 +0000” stop=”20151218120000 +0000”

start=”20151217233000 +0000” stop=”20151218121000 +0000”

WebGrab++.config and are also attached.


Thanks alot in advance

Andreas Bahrt

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