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Partner apparently changed the site and the INI file no longer works. Also added a new channel called "5 Stars". this channel not found in xml file ( Can you fix it please and help me to get a new channel code

-- the issue on scrapper --

[ Info ] ( 1/78 ) PARTNER.CO.IL -- chan. (xmltv_id=5 SPORT HD) -- mode Force
[Warning ] no robots data found
[Warning ] skipped robots check
[Error ] Unable to update channel 5 SPORT HD
[Critical] Generic syntax exception:
[Critical] message:
[Error ] no index page data received from 5 SPORT HD
[Error ] unable to update channel, try again later
[ Info ] No guide data to restore


The new EPG site

i want EPG from this channel :

A lot Of Thanks

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anyone have a new EPG for Partner ?


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