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i have get a PHP/MYSQL EPG option for my Belgian tv channels from someone that I know and use it also on his site hosting and that works perfect, it grabs the programme info for the channels I want and make after that grab a XML file so my satellite receiver can read it and give me program info what I need.

now I am searching to do that also with the dutch channels (Ziggo) but the Json site for ziggo channels is very much not like the Json site for my Belgian channels so I want to know what I need of info from the Json site so I can also grab that info with my site and put it in my database.
because I get only a script for ziggo to grab the station channels with there siteid and other things linkt with the channels I need now the info to grab the programs also for example NPO1 or RTL4 so I can automate it also like my other EPG script for the Belgian channels.

is here someone that can help me with horizon to get this working, I am already 4 days trying to find the wright things but it gives me al the time a empty database.

the url for the info I search where the program of the channels is =

when I have this I can also make a English, eire's and German and French EPG automatic so I have to download only the weekly XML file from my site and almost never have to watch or check my pc like now with web grab plus, it's a great program but I want to make it automatic on my site,
i have used is 2 months on my server but it makes it that my server crasht and my site's where also gone.
so it now works with php/mysql on my site for my Belgian channels.

I hope someone will help me, if it works verry good I can share it with the person that help me so he can also use it for him self ;)
and thanx in advance ;)

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