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Help needed with


I can't figure out the index page for this site because whatever I do in the schedule page, the address doesn't change! I didn't see any other methods besides GET in FireBug....

The only pages I figured out are these:

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Joined: 6 years
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Blackbear199 wrote:

ok,you have a new you.

this site uses POST section 5.1.1 in the manual


urldate.format {datestring|yyyy-MM-dd}

url_index.headers {method=POST}

url_index.headers {accept=text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8}

url_index.headers {contenttype=application/x-www-form-urlencoded}

url_index.headers {customheader=Accept-Encoding=gzip,deflate}

url_index.headers {postdata=day='urldate'&select_timezone=schimba+fusul+orar&timeZoneSelectionValue=2&activeChannel=1&channel_1='channel'&channel_2=0&channel_3=0}

index_showsplit.scrub {multi|<td class="timeCell">|||</table>}

for channels.xml creation

url_index {url|}
url_index.headers {method=GET}
index_site_id.scrub {multi|<table class="channels">|<tr>|<td></td>|</table>}
index_site_channel.modify {substring(type=regex)|'index_site_id' "<span class=[^>]*>([^<]*)<input"}
index_site_id.modify {substring(type=regex)|"value=\"([^\"]*)\""}

btw the POST requests only start showing up when you change the channels,on top the listings remove them(click on the x beside channel name right to left until you only have listings for one channel).then you will see POST requests.

for the timezone,if we look at a start time..

 <td class="timeCell">
            <span class="gmt" data-hour="07">07</span> : 00

class="gmt",dont get much easier. timezone=GMT

index_start.scrub {single|<td class="timeCell">||</td>|</td>}

index_start.modify {cleanup(tags="<"">")}

for details page(if you need it) is a simple GET

index_urlshow {url||<div class="titleLink">|<a href=""">"|</a>}

index_urlshow.headers {customheader=Accept-Encoding=gzip,deflate}

no POST headers like url_index

I thought maybe it is "post" method because I could see this line in page source:

<form action="" method="post" name="schedule" id="form_schedule">

but I didn't see a POST request in FireBug and now I know the reason.

Thanks BlackBear, you're always the one helping me.

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