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[FRANCE] Timezone Error with ini file

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[FRANCE] Timezone Error with ini file

Hi all,

When we grab with "", somes channel have not the good timezone. We can see in the xml file that there are channels with +0100 and other with +0200.
So, the channels with +0100 are delayed by one hour (show at 21h00 appear at 22h00 in my tvheadend).
I need to modify manualy in the xml file the +0100 --> +0200

What is the issue please ? Do you have an idea ? Why somes channels are in good timezone and others not ?

To show the bug : TF1 (site_id="tf1-19") is delayed with bad timezone (+0100) and Olympia (site_id="olympia-tv-479") is good timezone with (+0200)

I use the latest github update of siteini.pack

Version : WebGrabPlus_V3.2_install.tar
OS : Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) armv7l
mono : Mono JIT compiler version


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Easy answer ...may be because 31 oct will be 1 hour back ? so you must be grabbing 14 days....and you have a mix.
in log you should have:
[ Debug ] coming 'Day-Light-Saving-Time' change!
[ Debug ] time-offset change for all shows after starttime 20211023013400 +0200
do not modify...if you use incremental will be corrected 2 days before or on 31 oct you can run an update f to fix all of them

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