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Episode data displaying on TVMosaic

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Episode data displaying on TVMosaic

I am using TVMosaic as my IPTV-Server. And as they closed buisiness I am now looking for an alternative EPG source. WebGrab++ is already working very well. But I am having problems getting the grabbed Episode and Season data displeyed in TVMosaic.
The data is provided in the grabbed EPG. But TVMosaic does not display it. The Rest of data grabbed, like Description or Actors or Year, is displayed. Only the Episode and Season data is ignored.
I have allready tried to grab in xmltv_ns format as also in OnScreen format. But both without any success.

Could anyone please help me? I would like to change my Server Layout as it runs very stable and comfortable.

Thanks a lot for your kind support on this.

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As it is discontinued you may want to checkout nextpvr, MyTheatre or elgato

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