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EPG not adapting time zones

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EPG not adapting time zones

I just grabbed the new radiotimes EPG after the changes they have made

I had all the same settings but it seems that now the EPG is not adapting to a different timezone.

The only thing I changed was the ID's of the channels to get them working again but now it seems that the EPG is no longer adapting to different countries, I'm running it on LONDON time, works fine it that timezone but when watching in Spain the EPG is 1 Hour infront. Im running ubuntu 18.04 is there anything I could do different?


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radiotimes in siteini pack ? Timezone is UTC, for me (i am now UTC+2) means i have to add 2 hours to be my local.Usually the player does that, if not you can run xmltv_time_modify or merge-xmltv both have the option to convert to local time ot the one you want to set.

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