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Duplicate shows title

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Duplicate shows title

Hello team,
I tried to get epg from, but I found the duplicate show title in the site
Channel 304 AXN on 1 Apr, it started with show MADAM SECRETARY (SEASON 6) 23:35-00:25 (actually it started from 23:35, 31 Mar till 00:25, 1 Apr). However the WG++ recognized as 23:35 of 1 Apr, and 00:25 of 2 Apr
(I can use offset -24 hours, it will be correct for 1 Apr but wrong for next days)
Channel 304 AXN on 1 Apr end with show SEAL TEAM (SEASON 3) 23:35-00:30, but the starting show for 2 Apr will be the same SEAL TEAM (SEASON 3) 23:35-00:30. WG++ will recognize as 23:35 of 3 Apr and 00:30 of 4 Apr because the previous day was recognized as 2 Apr
How to correct it?

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looks like a nice
mat can add these if he wishes or fix what he has.
I normally don't post files but this is a rarely used site I think.
don't forget to rename file and remove the underscores,the forums adds these to all uploads for security reasons.

I see some problems with my files also so don't use them,i will fix it.
oops never mind,i was looking at the wrong times,looks fine.

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