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custom ini advice

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custom ini advice


At the moment I create a EPG for a custom channel of mine, I have been using a template that I can edit to load the information needed however this can take me sometime on days with plenty of data to enter.

I do get the data in a text file layed out like this...

Channel Name: Custom details - (Thu 18/04 10:45AM GMT)

is it possible to make a siteini which will pull the data and load the 'custom details' into the correct channel names?

I've never done anything like this before so if its possible I could use some pointers on how I can learn to do this myself :)


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how are you currently doing it,using fixed ini and manually adding it?
u can use merge-xmltv.ini and load the file into webgrab,it most likely need some modifications though as its a txt file rather than xml data.
without seeing a sample of the data i cannot tell u more.

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