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[SOLVED] .channels.xml generation with subpage

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[SOLVED] .channels.xml generation with subpage

I think there is something wrong with the creation of the .channels.xml file when using also subpage

You can reproduce this with the attached .ini file.

1. uncomment the .channels.xml generation (remove the first * at each line between @auto_xml_channel_start and @auto_xml_channel_end)
2. run WG++ (-> no .channels.xml file will be generated)
3. comment the line starting with subpage. (= line 24)
4. run WG++ (-> a correct .channels.xml file will be generated)

between 1. and 2. I also added debug in the index_site_channel and index_site_id scrub, but nothing is being logged.
Windows 7 - 32-bit

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je hebt gelijk. Het toeval wil dat ik dat dit weekend met port.xx ook ontdekt had. Ik heb nog niks aan de code gedaan maar zoals jij de subpage tijdelijk ge-disabled.


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