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Hello another ini and another problem.
One day grab is OK they do what they have to do, but 2 days will be cracy.
I used data-timestamp for calculate the time.
The programm runs perfect, then they change

multiple entry of a show at 20190329000000 +0100
[ Info ] epg correction :
[ Info ] CHANGED show corrected,

each hour, and the result is that i get only one day :)

Is my urldate time OK?

Could also someone tell me STEP by STEP FAQ to get the right urldate? I can´t do nothing with the microsoft side from the FAQ.

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i didnt look at ur files but i dont think u understand what i said in ur other post.

sites like this have 7 days epg ona single page(maxdays=7.1).
when you visit the site and u view the epg it may show thursday on the top of the epg but the page actually contains the data for the entire week(monday-sunday).
all u have todo is scrub all the programs(like you would with any other site) and use the firstday= option(see the manual) on ur site {xx} line.

firstday= is used to tell webgrab on which day of the week the schedule starts.
when set correctly in you log u will see that webgrab will skip all shows from monday-wednesday at midnight(thats if you grab today(thursday).

if you ran it tomorrow(friday) it will skip all shows from monday-thursday.
on saturday it will skip all show monday-friday.
finally on sunday it will skip all shows monday-saturdayleaving you with just 1 day of epg(sunday).
on monday it will start all over and no shows will be skipped as this is the first day of the schedule so u will have 7 days epg available.
on tuesday.all show from monday will be skipped.
this pattern repeats every day of the week.


doing what ur trying is differetn as this timestamp has a full date/time value(if its possible to use it)
u wouldnt need to use firstshow= as webgrab cannot get confused or need to know which day of the week ur grabbing the data on as the timestamp has a full date/time.

if its says u have multiple entries then u either have a showsplit problem or there is actually multiple entries of a show.

check ur data to confirm this

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you cannot use the timestamp.
see screenshot.


if we convert this to a real date time..

Thu, 28 Mar 2019 00:00:00 GMT

but if u check this show(on the epg page) u will see that its the first show from monday the 25th at 00:00.

so just because u see a timespamp dont assume its good to use,you need to check this stuff or u will be chasing you tail in circles wondering why nothing works right.

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