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V4.2.2 (beta)


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install instructions


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install instructions
also available for
OS-X, Raspberry Pi, Synology NAS

Release notes: 

This new distro of the program is build in .NET5 ('core'). See
(version 3.x.x is build in the legacy .NET Framework 4.8)

The windows version of this runs as normal .. and should run on most Windows versions. Installing it will replace the existing V3.x.x version (But it is recommended to uninstall it first)

The Linux (OS-X, Raspberry Pi, Synology NAS) variant needs Microsoft 'DotNet' runtime version 5 to be installed. There are numerous instructions how to do that on internet.
It will not run in Mono !!
To allow an easy path to migrate to it, installing it will create it in a separate bin folder ( that allows to run this version ( or the legacy version 3.x.x ( from the same wg++ home folder and the same config file .

It has the same functionality as the 'legacy' 3.x.x version, and updates and bugfixes of version 3 will also be implemented in 4.x.x . New functionality will preferably be implemented only in version 4.x.x .. unless ..
The license part however has an additional option that will list a 'license data overview' in the wglicense.log file . It contains the all donations, available credits and expiry dates.

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