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Change of donation amount , PayPal fee

Probably not all donating users realise that a rather substantial part of their contribution is lost due to fee. For the most common donation of 5€ , this fee is 10.8% . Until now, we (wg++) paid this fee, so the full (gross) donation amount was added to the user account. But we have decided it is justified to change this. Rather than raising the prices for the currently high inflation, we decided that from May 1 2023 onwards, the amount that will be added to the user account will exclude that PayPal fee.
It is easy to donate amounts including that fee, because the new 'support us' button , shows a separate check box :
  'Add €x.xx EUR to help cover the fees'.
If you check this box, the amount added to your account will be as it was before. A 5€ net amount (5.54 gross) will still allow a 1 year donator status .. etc
Note that the fee is relatively higher for lower donations .. e.g. for 5€ it's 0.54€ (10.8%) for 10€ it's 0.71€ (7.1%) etc.
Thanks for your understanding .. WG++ team

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