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- changed  : the index_variable_element is saved and kept throughout any following scrub and operation untill updated
- added    : cleanup(style=regex) adds all escapes to regex meta chars
- added    : regex in scrub accepts 'index_variable_element' as component
- bug fixed: the bug fixed :remove and replace accepts 'real' \ characters specified as \\ was not properly implemented
- bug fixed: index_duration was not properly formatted to the culture info used inside the program
- added    : log of OsVersion
- bug fixed: Mono runtime error wrt XPathstring containing /
- bug fixed: httpwebresponse was not closed
- changed  : httpwebrequest header accept-encoding= "gzip, deflate" is no longer default
- improved : timespan calcuations
- bug fixed: regex scrub accepts a \| as a 'real' |
- added    : remove and replace accepts 'real' \ characters specified as \\
- improved : unicode character sequence in cleanup handles also \\n, \\r and \\t
- added    : default default httpwebrequest headers accept-encoding, pargma and cache-control
- added    : timespan calculation
- bug fixed: trimmed regex scrub elements from leading and trailing |
- added    : support for SOAP web services (required for Schedules Direct EPG service)
- bug fixed: the captures in regex scrub were not added together.
- added    : url header credentials
- improved : urlshow and urlsubdetail will be empty "" if the grab part doesn't return a value
- added    : grab a local file in the indexpage with url_index {url|\\computername\path\filename}
- added    : servicepoint experiments in grab
- added    : cleanup arguments type=urlencode en urldecode
- bug fixed: Regex scrub was not enabled for single value scrubstring element like title
- improved : Regex Operations remove and replace using index and length of the relevant match
- added    : httpwebrequest method POST_BACK for url_index
- added    : suppages in channellist creation
- added    : index_variable_element accepts 'config_timespan_days'
- added    : url header 'customheader'
- added    : the max value in a loop may contain an element name

Release date: 
Sunday, November 10, 2013
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