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Build 50

- improved : robots exclusion handling.
- added    : site {allowlastdayoverflow} allows the last day to overflow into the next morning.
- bug fixed: in setting the scope.range when the first ( char occurs after the | char.  
- bug fixed: cookie expires value calculation crashes when expires value > max datetime value (9999 31/12 23.59.59)
- added    : bitwise calculations 'and' 'or' 'xor' and 'not'
- bug fixed: In MDB postprocess runtime error if no ldb path is specified
- added    : in urldate format datenumber, the offset can now be specified in decimal hours 5.5 or timespan 5:30
- bug fixed: in titlematch that forced an unnecessary update if the title ends with a number
- bug fixed: error in postdata extraction if no subpagelist is listed in the siteini
- MDB & REX: xmltv elements videoaspect, videoquality, presenter, writer, producer, composer and commentator added as elements that can be removed from the xmltv file
- MDB & REX: added xmltv elements videoaspect and videoquality as source element
- bug fixed: endless loop in scrub.result()
- bug fixed: that was introduced in /49 which disabled channel file creation
- bug fixed: in showicon .modify that was handled as .scrub
- added    : minSWversion check of siteini
- changed  : console heading
- solved   : cookie expiry with a decimal point as in chrome cookie export

Release date: 
Monday, June 10, 2013
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