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Weird title display in kodi

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Weird title display in kodi


I have setup WG++ 3.1.0 with TVheadend on a Synology NAS. It works perfectly.
I have endpoint through the house with kodi 18.8 on it and view iptv from my provider.

With this guide i have a strange problem wich makes it difficult to record series, because the title of the show is renamed.
Sie attachement to give an idea.

So name of the show is : Chantal komt werken, but in the guide i see the title "Terug" (dutch for "Back") also i now have multiple "Terug" shows in my guide so i have to open them to see wich program it is.

i am using

What can i do to fix it in my guide.xml i see this :

Chantal Komt Werken
Chantal Janzen gaat in een nieuw seizoen van Chantal Komt Werken weer het land in om de meest
uiteenlopende beroepen uit te oefenen. Het resultaat is elke donderdag om 20:30 uur te zien op RTL 4. Werkschoenen.

Chantal Janzen

So i see with the examples that there is an extra header in the xml called the real title is being printed there and the wrong "Terug" title is in the header

This is done by the script isn't it ?
Is there a solution to prevent this ?

Thnks Jan

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while it is fixed you can use think is the same.

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