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WebGrabPlus_V4.2 program does not start

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WebGrabPlus_V4.2 program does not start

Dear friend,
I uninstalled the old Webgrab 2.1,
I installed WebGrabPlus_V4.2_,
to the previously used config file, I am behind the line
completed the line
instead of ???? should I add the password that I use when logging in or the passcode?
I tried both, but neither of them will start the program.
I used this config before with version 2.1 with the new one it doesn't work anymore.
It will not create any log.txt either
Please, how should I proceed?

I uninstalled version 4.2.4, it wouldn't run with .NET5
I installed version 3.2,
now it's about to start,
but will report that the license has expired

had an incorrectly set .config
V_3.2 works correctly
I could not run V_4.2
Well thank you

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3.2 is old and giving lot of issues, try the latest 3.x

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thanks for the information - saved
So far 3.2 works for me
I will try other versions as well.
If I need advice with them, I will write.

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