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Version 4 really slow compared to 3

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Version 4 really slow compared to 3

So I've tried version V4.2.2 of webgrabplus but it took over 7 hours to grab my usual list (mostly from compared to version V3.2.3.1 which took just over 2 hours

I reverted back to V3.2.3.1 and ran the same config again (under the same conditions as V4.2.2 new grab etc) and was back to my usual just over 2 hours grab time

So for some reason V4.2.2 is over 3 times slower than version V3.2.3.1 at grabbing data

Using windows 10

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i think its just the overhead of dotnet.
i know this inst much of a excuse considering the huge difference your seeing.
net framework is going to be a things of the past soon,i believe its already depreciated(no longer being updated).
dotnet is going to be the way foreward from here on out and soon there will only be dotnet webgrab versions.

if i remeber right windows users dont need to install dotnet,webgrab will just work.
linux users will need dotnet runtime(wg currently uses 5.0)
but as i said even 5.0 is already end of life and 6.0 is the current.
this is being discussed as a standalone wg version can be published wich doesnt require the user to have dotnet installed.
its alot more files as it included all the dotnet libaries.

so its going to be either..

install dotnet runtime
install webgrab


webgrab standlone
contains all the above in one installer.

i cant see it being anything else as v and v is the exact same code excpet one is compiled with dotnet 5.0( and the other netframework 4.8(

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