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update "i" vs "s" vs "f"...still can't find the best option !

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update "i" vs "s" vs "f"...still can't find the best option !

Cheers guys,

This might look like a noobie question to you but after 1 year of using the fabulous WebGrabPlus, I still have issues with which update parameter to use....i or s or f.

My main issue is that I want the update to keep at least the previous 2 hrs in the xmltv file so the EPG would still contain what is on now (sometimes it is a program that started an hour ago before "now".

The "i" and "s" options don't do that, they usually remove what is on "now" and some channels have their EPG starting a couple of hours from "now", so I don't get to know what is on "now" in the EPG (this could be for a couple of hours too as the missing 1 or 2 shows can be that long).

The "f" option isn't a big difference from the previous. Only takes longer but still some channels have no EPG for 1-2 hours.

I was thinking of making an update with "f" option once and the have the following updates run with the "i" or "s" option. Same issue.

Could it be just a matter of when I run the updates? tried several times of day, some are better than others but still not the "perfect" outcome.

What do you advise on the best paramater to use, "i", "f", or "s" ?? or maybe a combination like start with one and then use another one for the following updates ?

I run the update automatically at 4 am as it is the best time for the different time zones of sites I grab in order to be sure that the data is up to date. Like advised here on the site to run the grabbing after the time the sites update their schedules.

Would appreciate any advice from you guys.




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