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SiteINI assistance if possible - New data required to extract

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SiteINI assistance if possible - New data required to extract


I want to learn so I can make siteini modifications myself where possible, so please bare with me. Looking around at other examples, reading through the doco I was playing around with fixing a problem I found with my data being returned as the current EPG has changed some formatting of the data, and for the Show title is now part of the following:
"shows":[{"id":"811490bf-ec11-4fe0-b2df-15ca42926f24","updated_at":"2019-07-17T21:41:02+00:00","draft":false,"on_demand":false,"on_air":true,"title":"House Hunters","categories":["channel_id/9Life","genres/Lifestyle","season_number/77","channel_id/NINE"],"related"

However, the the Episode title (subtitle now) also uses a "title" prefix in the data returned, so I am attempting to play around with a patterns to get the correct Title from the data inside the Shows area, by doing the following as some examples:

index_title.scrub {single|"on_air"|"title":"||"|}

index_title.scrub {single|"on_air":|,"title":"||"|}

But its not working as expected. am I on the right path, or would there be a better way to handle this?

any suggestions would be apprecaited, I can code, but not a fulltime dev, so bare with me

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