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Site with 2 languages

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Site with 2 languages

Hi again :)

I was wondering how to treat a site that has its EPG in 2 languages ? is it possible from the site.ini file to do that?

I am asking because if I use the site.ini of language 1 some shows are missing the title and if I use the site.ini with the language 2 (which the 100% complete, nothing missing) it displays english movies/shows names in this language which makes you wonder about the real english name of that movie/show.

any help would be much appreciated.


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It's a bit difficult to answer this. Which siteini are you refring to? Which languages?
And   .. remember ​


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Thanks WGMaker for your reply.

Would you be kind enough to guide me on to how to grab this page:

Worked a lot on it and can't find a solution, all shows are crammed into one slot (in the xmltv file, they all have the same start and stop times) !!

Thanks in advance.

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Forget to paste what I'm using as ini file   :)))

site {|timezone=GMT|maxdays=6.1|cultureinfo=ar-IQ|charset=utf-8|titlematchfactor=90}

urldate.format {datestring|yyyy/MM/dd}
index_showsplit.scrub {multi(debug)|<div class="archttl">||</p>|</p>}}

*index_showicon.scrub{url||<img src=""|alt=}
*index_start.scrub {multi(include="GMT")|<li>||</li>|</li>}
*index_start.scrub {regex||(\d{2}\:\d{2})\sGMT||}
index_start.scrub {multi(include="GMT")|<li>||</li>|</li>}
index_description.scrub {single|<p>||</p>|}
index_title.scrub {single|<h3>||</h3>|</h3>}

index_title.modify{cleanup(debug tags="<"">")}

Ans the test channel in the config xml file is :

<channel update="i" site="" site_id="/ar/mbc2\grid.html" xmltv_id="mbc2">mbc2</channel>


It grabs everything but all shows have the same start and stop times (programme start="20151004000000 +0000" stop="20151004000000 +0000" channel="mbc2">)

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