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Preserving Xml Data from past 7 days

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Preserving Xml Data from past 7 days

Hi, I am using web grab for the first time & need help with the following scenerio:

I have set-up web grab to run once in 24 hours.

I need to have epg xml data for 15 days, past 7 days, present day & next 7 days. I noticed that web grab overwrites and does not keep any data from past, maybe this is due to me setting something wrong. Following is the web grab config I am using.

Please help me out.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Configuration file for WebGrab+Plus, the incremental Electronic-Program-Guide web grabber
by Jan van Straaten, December 2011
Version V1.1.1 -->

<postprocess run="y" grab="y">rex</postprocess>
<user-agent>Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/5.0; yie9)</user-agent>
<retry time-out="5">4</retry>

<channel xmltv_id="13e Rue" site_id="2" site="" update="i">13e Rue</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="6ter" site_id="1403" site="" update="i">6ter</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Foot+ 24/24" site_id="100" site="" update="i">Foot+ 24/24</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Arte" site_id="111" site="" update="i">Arte</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Be Sport 1" site_id="413" site="" update="i">Be Sport 1</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Be Sport 2" site_id="414" site="" update="i">Be Sport 2</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="beIN SPORTS 1" site_id="1290" site="" update="i">beIN SPORTS 1</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="beIN SPORTS 2" site_id="1304" site="" update="i">beIN SPORTS 2</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="beIN SPORTS 3" site_id="1335" site="" update="i">beIN SPORTS 3</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="BFM Business" site_id="1073" site="" update="i">BFM Business</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="BFM TV" site_id="481" site="" update="i">BFM TV</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Bloomberg UK-Europe" site_id="410" site="" update="i">Bloomberg UK-Europe</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Canal+" site_id="34" site="" update="i">Canal+</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Canal+ Cinéma" site_id="33" site="" update="i">Canal+ Cinéma</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Canal+ Décalé" site_id="30" site="" update="i">Canal+ Décalé</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Canal+ Family" site_id="657" site="" update="i">Canal+ Family</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Canal+ Sport" site_id="35" site="" update="i">Canal+ Sport</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Chérie 25" site_id="1399" site="" update="i">Chérie 25</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Ciné FX" site_id="288" site="" update="i">Ciné FX</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Ciné+ Classic" site_id="287" site="" update="i">Ciné+ Classic</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Ciné+ Club" site_id="285" site="" update="i">Ciné+ Club</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Ciné+ Premier" site_id="282" site="" update="i">Ciné+ Premier</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="D8" site_id="445" site="" update="i">D8</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="D17" site_id="458" site="" update="i">D17</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="France 2" site_id="4" site="" update="i">France 2</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="France 3" site_id="80" site="" update="i">France 3</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="France 4" site_id="78" site="" update="i">France 4</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="France 5" site_id="47" site="" update="i">France 5</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="France Ô" site_id="160" site="" update="i">France Ô</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="France 24" site_id="529" site="" update="i">France 24</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Gulli" site_id="482" site="" update="i">Gulli</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="HD1" site_id="1404" site="" update="i">HD1</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Histoire" site_id="88" site="" update="i">Histoire</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="iTélé" site_id="226" site="" update="i">iTélé</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Infosport+" site_id="94" site="" update="i">Infosport+</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="LCI - La Chaîne Info" site_id="112" site="" update="i">LCI - La Chaîne Info</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="L'Equipe 21" site_id="1401" site="" update="i">L'Equipe 21</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="M6" site_id="118" site="" update="i">M6</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="MCM" site_id="121" site="" update="i">MCM</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="RFM TV" site_id="241" site="" update="i">RFM TV</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="MCM Top" site_id="343" site="" update="i">MCM Top</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Melody" site_id="265" site="" update="i">Melody</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Mezzo" site_id="125" site="" update="i">Mezzo</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Mezzo Live HD" site_id="907" site="" update="i">Mezzo Live HD</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Mirabelle TV" site_id="1045" site="" update="i">Mirabelle TV</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="National Geographic Channel" site_id="243" site="" update="i">National Geographic Channel</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="National Geographic Channel HD" site_id="508" site="" update="i">National Geographic Channel HD</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="NRJ 12" site_id="444" site="" update="i">NRJ 12</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="NT 1" site_id="446" site="" update="i">NT 1</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Numéro 23" site_id="1402" site="" update="i">Numéro 23</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="OLTV" site_id="463" site="" update="i">OLTV</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Paris Première" site_id="145" site="" update="i">Paris Première</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="RMC Découverte" site_id="1400" site="" update="i">RMC Découverte</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Stylia" site_id="142" site="" update="i">Stylia</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Téva" site_id="191" site="" update="i">Téva</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="TF1" site_id="192" site="" update="i">TF1</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="TF6" site_id="228" site="" update="i">TF6</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="TIJI" site_id="229" site="" update="i">TIJI</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="TMC" site_id="195" site="" update="i">TMC</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="TV5MONDE" site_id="205" site="" update="i">TV5MONDE</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Ushuaïa TV" site_id="451" site="" update="i">Ushuaïa TV</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Vivolta" site_id="659" site="" update="i">Vivolta</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="Voyage" site_id="212" site="" update="i">Voyage</channel>
<channel xmltv_id="W9" site_id="119" site="" update="i">W9</channel>

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