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Not getting my time zones right

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Not getting my time zones right

Morning all ,

Been trying this for months now and it seems to work well , but for some reason my timings for timezones keep going off, have uploaded the my grab stats can anyone please point out where i am going wrong.

The time for this grab is off by an hour and a half.

I feel i have missed out something but cant figure out what.

I am grabing from the UK

Thanks for all the help

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the rev 5 uses timezone=UTC ! This is correct, you have changed it into Asia/Dubai and that is not correct because all the times given in the epg API of the beinsport site (which WG++ is using) are in UTC.  But changing back that doesn't make the time correct! It appears that the times in the API  depend on a tzo setting in the URL. The rev5 ini uses tzo=0, which gives a -3 hour diffence between the local Dubai time and the WG++ xmltv time. That should be -4  (= difference between UTC and Asia/Dubai timezone). To get that the tzo value must be 1.

But then there is also another error in the ini :
urldate.format {datenumber|yyyyMMdd}
​that should be
urldate.format {datestring|yyyyMMdd}
​However , that error doesn't affect the times, only the grabbing of subsequent days.

The corrected version of the ini is rev 6

It is not completely clear how daylight-saving-time change on 25 October will work out with these settings. Please report back if a problem arise after that.



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Thank you Jan for Such a quick reply, i re tried it and got the times right but with some very wierd xml outcome.

Hope this explatation comes across right.

I have grabed the same channels for a day and the channels 1-8 came out with no programmes untill around midnight then it was avalable for the duration of the programme but 9-12 came out correct with the right time(UTC-01:00).

So I did a grab for 4 days and the resulds were not what i expected.

1-8 no programmes till midnight on the first day

9-12 full grab till midnight on first day

1-8  full programme grab from midnight on day 1 to midnight of day 2

9-12 no programme grab from midnight of day1 to midnight of day 2

1-8 no programme grab from midnight of day 2 to midnight of day 3

and the pattern follows

I am uploading the log files as i myself cant believe it LoL.


Thanks for all the help

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