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New registered user - Unable to update license

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New registered user - Unable to update license


I've just registered and try to get the registered user license.
However, it kept giving license has expired.
How do I get the "registered_user" license to run the encrypted ini file?
Do I need to be a donor?
There were few licensing available and would like to try out the "registered_user" first.

SNIPPED from log. Replaced sensitive info.

[ Info ] License request/update
[ Info ] Username 'XXXXXXX'
[Warning ] A previous record dd 2021/08/20 for un_registered user 'XXXXXX' found
[Warning ] Correct the username in the license request :
[ Info ]
[Warning ] License has expired !
[ Info ] The program will run with performance settings : 'un_registered_user'
[ Info ] License check .. done

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See sample config here:
username is the one in the forum (shockwavefx), the mail you used to register in the forum and the password (the one in your user panel) first run try force license using f

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thank you

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