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New ini... Help needed

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New ini... Help needed

I'm trying to develop a new grabber but I can't make it run.

The ini is for that have some of movistar imagenio channels and can't find them in other grabbers.

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help.

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Ah, you had it almost.

Your showsplit was not correct. You had:

index_showsplit.scrub {multi|<div class="prg-item"||</div>|</div>}

But because there is already a </div>  before the title, you never had the title of the show in your showsplit. Only te hour.

I've adjusted it (and some other minor issues).

When finnished you may always post it here. (we'll try to add it to the EPG channels page)

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Thank you very much!, is working.

I added more days because some channels have info for 6 days and the description, but I can't  add actors and year infos.

Anyway the most important thing is done.


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