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issue with webgrab

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issue with webgrab

good evening i am having issue after resintalling the OS
when i am running a command getting an error
running Ubuntu 16.04
Mono version: 4.2.1

WebGrab+Plus/w MDB & REX Postprocess -- version V3.1.0.0

Jan van Straaten
Francis De Paemeleere

thanks to Paul Weterings and all the contributing users

Job started at 14/04/2021 20:43:25
Job finished at 14/04/2021 20:43:25 done in 0s

Method 'Array.Empty' not found.

at WG.common.timezone.TimeZones+Database.LoadEmbeddedData (System.String resou rcename) <0x40e3f110 + 0x00287> in :0
at WG.common.timezone.TimeZones.constructor (System.String file, System.String f) <0x40e3eeb0 + 0x000bf> in :0
at WG.common.timezone.TimeZones..ctor () <0x40e3da90 + 0x005c3> in :0
Unhandled Exception
For detailed info, see log file /var/epg/WebGrab++.log.txt
Execution stopped

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thanks seems i have some issue with the server had to reinstall the os and it worked that mono
btw i am still waiting for your paypal ;)

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