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How to grab a site with dropdownlist for days ??

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How to grab a site with dropdownlist for days ??

Dear all,

I've been trying to grab epg from a site that has days in a drop down list box (Sun to Sat). So it only grabs today only. Also, it grabs for one channel only. (on the web page you choose the channel from the drop down list box and day of the week from another drop down list box and press a button to show the schedule accordingly)

[SOLVED] One more thing, it grabs all the shows at the same start time and all have stop time=start time...seems I can't get the right "index_start.scrub".

Any help would be appreciated.

this is the page in question : (it's in arabic, but all inspection of html is done in english through the web browser)

Attached is what I have done so far in the ini file I'm creating.


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