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How to find bugs in xml file

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How to find bugs in xml file

I use EpgEdit for text XML file. Sometimes the programme shows me some error like this picture:


how can I debug it and fix the errors? How can I find the lines that has error?

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are you running the rex post processor to remove any <star-rating> tags from your source guide.xml file?

if you read the documentaion section of EPGEdit(click on read more) and scroll down to the "Known Limitations" section..

The xmltv input file may not contain any <star-rating> elements! This is due to one of those choices I made that I now regret. Of course that can be ‘repairedby a clever programmer, but right now, its like that. However, the program will add <star-rating> elements which it has stored in the database and the ones that are added from an IMDb look-up.The easiest way to handle this shortcoming is to run WebGrab+Plus (you will probably do that anyhow to get your xmltv input file) and run the REX postprocessor that adds the existing star-rating to the end of the description (so it won’t be lost) and removes the <star-rating> element. An example rex.config.xml file is included with the executable.

in your error i see "Parameter not Valid" and i think this may be your problem.




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Hi thinkdiff

currently I am doing some work to improve EpgEdit to make it more reliable. Especially its sensitivity for xmltv variations. 
​It would help me if I got a copy of your xmltv input file. Can you upload that ? Also add  a copy of the complete error message if you still have that. 
(you can also mail them to me if you prefer that,
Thanks  Jan

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