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Error with cronjob and Docker

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Error with cronjob and Docker

I am running webgrabplus inside a docker container (
When running the program manually with bash everything is working as expected. However, the daily cronjob isn't completed resulting in the attached error log.

Any hints on the issue?

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if you asked 10 different people you would probably get 10 different answers as to why this happens.
myself i have seen this same error for my own epg.

i dont know how webgrab is run with docker but i run mine on my nas and here what seems to work good for me.
i do a lot testing/ini creation so i manually run webgrab alot and also seen the error there.
i found what helped(i have no idea why is to run a mono cert-sync first,then webgrab.

with that said for my own epg i do a cert-sync
then to run webgrab i use a loop that checks if webgrab crashes,waits 10 seconds and then tries again upto 5 times.
been running it this way for months and havnt had epg run out of data yet.
the paths would need to be changed to suit your needs.
i use full paths as its for myself but one could clean it up alot using a few variables.


/raiddata/0/module/mono/sys/bin/cert-sync /raiddata/0/module/mono/sys/etc/certs/ca-bundle.crt &>/dev/null & disown

#__Update_Epg_Data__(retry after 10 seconds max fives times if webgrab crashes)
until [ "$n" -ge 6 ]
/raid/module/mono/sys/bin/mono /raid/NAS_WebGrab/IPTV/bin/WebGrab+Plus.exe "/raid/NAS_WebGrab/IPTV" && break
echo -e "####\nWebGrab Crashed,Retry $n/5\n####"
sleep 10


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Just a quick update. In my case, it seems to be an issue with user rights. Running the cronjob from within root crontab everything is working as expected.

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