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DST for Moscow is incorrect

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DST for Moscow is incorrect

I tried to grab a website in Moscow time.

So I defined: timezone=Europe/Moscow

The resulting file gave me times:

  <programme start="20150906063000 +0400" stop="20150906070000 +0400" channel="">

So it applied a DST which is clearly wrong, because Moscow does not have DST in 2015.  At least accordingly to:


How do we solve this?

(for now I can define timezone=UTC+02:00)  After applying the automatic DST this will result in UTC +03:00 times)

Or can I use GMT+03:00?




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Timezone of Moscou ischanged at the end of last year. And are not yet changed in WG++.

For now, you can use another timezone without DST and the correct offset (+0300) like eg. Europe/Minsk

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