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hi i need a little bit help from jan. support guy tell me that u can help with this.
i want du amke different config files. and start all with cronjob. i look into but there i dont find line to change source for the configfile.
give another way to make more confg files and run it per cronjob without change evrytime the name from config file to original.?

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If you are running on a linux system which I think you are then it is very easy. You set up different folders for your different EPG. Then to start them, you create a python program that looks like this, depending on what you use to start the epg guides:

os.system('mono /the bin folder/WebGrab+Plus.exe /the folder of the EPG')
os.system('/home/pi/.dotnet/dotnet /the folder/WebGrab+Plus.dll /the folder of the EPG')

You can have as many folders as you want in here.

to run the file, you do:

crontab -e

and add the when and how often it should run. This might be a good site to check how to create with correct time:

so you might have it like:
0 15 * * */3 /usr/bin/python3 /home/pi/Downloads/

Hope this what something like you wanted.

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