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Beta 55.25 extreme slow on Synology Box

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Beta 55.25 extreme slow on Synology Box


using a Synology with DSM5.2 and Mono from Synocommunity...

With the latest Beta 55.25 WebGrab+Plus is extremly slow. It need almost 18 Hours to grab.
When i switch back to 55.10 the same process need 2-3 Hours...

Attached is my Config.

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I can't detect this, if I run it for 1 or 1 channel. (working on a win7)

Could you try other beta's and see where it goes wrong? (included beta 55.15 to 55.24).

Maybe I can see why it would fail.

And if you could reduce the channels or pinpoint it to or, that would help to further detect what the root cause could be.

It could be that some of the beta's are not working (just skip them)

Maybe also diff the generated guide.xml files (to be sure, that the same data is grabbed on all the versions).
And keep the logging. If for some reason the site gives timeouts, that can also influance the overall grabbing time.

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